AB-BLAST 3.0 PostScript™ Output

PostScript™ Output Description

A minimalistic PostScript™ output is available from AB-BLAST 3.0 when mformat=4 is specified on the command line. The output is a crude, 2-dimensional schematic representation of the HSPs found. The resultant output files can be printed “as is” on PostScript™ printers but will eat reams of paper, at a rate of one page per reported database sequence! You have been warned!!! Files can be viewed directly in some PostScript™ viewers, or converted from PS to PDF for viewing by Adobe Reader. An appropriate filename extension for PostScript™ output is .ps. The tools gimp-print, ps2pdf and ghostscript may also aid in converting from PostScript™ to PDF.

PostScript™ is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc.

Last modified: 2015-04-25

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