Personal Use (including Academic/Nonprofit)

Personal Use licenses are available at no cost for AB-BLAST 3.0, subject to limitations that include the software may be used only for personal, academic or non-profit research by the licensee. The Personal Use license also permits AB-BLAST services to be offered by the licensee via no-cost, publicly accessible web services. Any for-profit or fee-based use or access to AB-BLAST services requires a site license.

If the AB-BLAST Personal Use License (viewable here) satisfies your needs, fill out the License Form and indicate your acceptance of the terms.

Academic/Nonprofit vs. Commercial Use

An Academic/Nonprofit Site license is available to help larger facilities with systems management, as a site license key is more flexible and easier to manage for all users. A site license is also required if the licensee will be operating the software behind a paywall or effectively charging others a fee for its use — including inter-agency fund transfers if a parent organization (not just a sponsor) is not held in common — or if fees are to be assessed by a third party, such as AWS — for using AB-BLAST services.

A Commercial Site license is required for all for-profit entities and allows usage fees to be assessed at the licensee’s discretion.

License Documents & Fee Structure

All licenses have a minimum 1-year term, with terms enforced by a time-limited license key. Prices exclude any taxes, government fees or bank fees.

AB-BLAST 3.0 License Documents & Fee Structure
  License Type  Academic/NonprofitCommercial
  Personal Use Free Not Available
  Site    (Contact Us)    $2,399/yr       (Contact Us)    $3,599/yr   

Please direct Site license inquiries to:   missing image

Any changes requested to standard license text may require up-front payment of a substantial, non-refundable fee to cover the expense of professional legal review.

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