Personal Use (including Academic/Nonprofit)

Personal Use licenses can be obtained on-line and at no cost for AB-BLAST 3.0, subject to limitations that include the software may be used only for personal, academic or non-profit research. Any for-profit or fee-based use of any version of AB-BLAST requires a Commercial Site license.

To obtain a Personal Use license, a valid e-mail address is required with which to receive download instructions and (at the licensee’s option) any future announcements of important updates and advisories.

Please read the AB-BLAST Personal Use License agreement to see if it satisfies your needs. If it does, just fill out the Licensing Form and indicate your acceptance of the terms.

Academic/Nonprofit vs. Commercial Use

The Personal Use license allows AB-BLAST to be used to provide no-cost, publicly accessible web services; all other use of the software must be for personal purposes or internal to the nonprofit organization where the software was licensed.

A Commercial license allows usage fees to be assessed by the licensee at the licensee’s sole discretion.

N.B. An Academic/Nonprofit license may be suitable for commercial entities engaged in projects funded entirely by public or other nonprofit sources, as long as use of the software is confined to this purpose.

Basic Licensing Options

All licenses include maintenance, minor upgrades, and support for the duration of the license term. Site licensees receive priority support.

Personal Use Licensing

A Personal Use license provides the individual licensee with a right-to-use AB-BLAST 3.0 for their personal academic or nonprofit research. Any fee-based or commercial use of the software is prohibited by the Personal Use license.

Site Licensing

A “Site” license provides the right-to-use AB-BLAST 3.0 for internal research, development and training purposes on all computers owned or leased by the institutional licensee. Site licenses include access to AB-BLAST 3.0 for all supported computing platforms.

License Documents & Fee Structure

Commercial licensing requires a Site license. All licenses have a minimum 1-year term, for both the initial term and any renewal terms. License terms may be enforced through the use of an activation key. Prices exclude any relevant taxes or fees for custom modifications.

AB-BLAST 3.0 Licensing Documents & Fees
  License Type  Academic/NonprofitCommercial
  Personal Use $0/yr Not Available
  Site    (Contact Us)    $2,399/yr       (Contact Us)    $3,599/yr   

Please direct Site license inquiries to:   missing image

Any changes requested to standard license text may require up-front payment of a substantial, non-refundable fee to cover the expense of professional legal review.

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