AB‑BLAST 3.0 License Fee Payment—Academic/Nonprofit

Please make your check out to “Advanced Biocomputing, LLC” and mail it to Advanced Biocomputing, LLC, at the address shown on your invoice. Payment should be in US$, preferably drawn on a bank with a branch in the U.S.A.
For customers located in the U.S.A., you may have received our completed IRS Form W‑9 for government reporting. Let us know if you need another copy of the invoice or W‑9. These documents can be sent by e-mail or postal mail if necessary.

Payment by wire transfer is an option available upon request. If you wish to pay by wire transfer, be sure to include additional funds to cover your own bank's wire transfer fees. AB covers the cost of its own bank's wire transfer fees associated with such payments but will not cover your bank's fees. International wire transfer fees are higher, as well—typically US$25.00 or more—so be sure to inquire with your bank before making the transfer if you do not know the amount.

Immediate, secure payment by credit/debit card through PayPal is available, with no PayPal account required. Choose the type of AB‑BLAST 3.0 academic/nonprofit license you wish to pay for below, click on “Add to Cart”, and follow the instructions to checkout. In Paypal's optional note to seller, please provide the name of the administrative or technical contact and the invoice number for your order if available. If you need to pay an amount other than what is listed in the pop-up menu below, please visit paypal.com and send the money to gish at advbiocomp.com.

Academic/Nonprofit License type: